Center For Mental Health

The Center for Mental Health partners with people and communities to produce exceptional, integrated mental health and substance abuse services.


“Partnering to Improve Lives”

  The Center for Mental Health has been partnering to improve lives for 45 years. Originally, the North Central Community Mental Health Center was established in 1974 to serve the nine county region from Great Falls to the Hi-Line. This wheat farming region is often referred to as “The Golden Triangle,” so the Center became Golden Triangle Community Mental Health Center. In 1997 the Center began providing services to the Tri-County Area: Lewis & Clark, Broadwater, and Jefferson counties. Meagher County was added in 2005.   This addition expanded the total service area to 10 counties, and the Center now serves over 3,000 clients in Central Montana. In Cascade County alone, the Center serves over 2,400 people. In Helena and the Tri-County area, the Center serves more than 1,700. The Hi-Line’s “Frontier Counties” (less than 6 people per square mile) have outpatient offices in almost every county in Central MT.   Community mental health centers were started nationwide during the deinstitutionalization movement in the 1960-70s to provide community-based services in order to live outside state hospitals. The institutional cost savings is remarkable when the census of the MT State Hospital went from 2,000 patients to less than 200. MT State Hospital is currently licensed for 189 beds but is unable to refuse patients even if the census is greater.  

We believe in…

    • Ambassador of the Center – I am involved in the community. I am a positive ambassador of the Center in everything I do.
    • Own it – I am responsible for my actions. I embrace mistakes to gain the opportunity to expand and grow. I am always part of the solution. I always ask “What else can I do?”
    • Individuals Matter – Everything starts with me. I make a point to appreciate and recognize others. I matter and you matter.
    • Create Joy – Look for opportunities to enjoy what you do, everyday. Create joy and pay it forward.
    • Embrace Change – I want to be on the leading edge and be a leader of change. I understand we get better through change so I take the time to explain the why of change and listen to the why of change. I positively promote change.
    • Show Up. Step In. – I engage with my fellow employees and community partners. I strive to understand your position. I have the courage to speak my mind. I have a responsibility to share my ideas, listen and ask questions.
    • … and always “Celebrating Beautiful Minds!”


  Our professionally trained teams provide quality mental healthcare, diversified programming, and a full range of community-based services to both adults and children. The Center has 20 locations including outpatient, day treatment, transitional living, crisis stabilization and group homes. These crucial programs are staffed by over 200 psychiatrists (MD), psychologists (PhD), clinical social workers (LCSW), professional counselors (LCPC), addiction counselors (LAC), nurses (APRN, RN, LPN), trained paraprofessionals, and certified peer specialists.   Our staff continually seek opportunities to advance their skills. Most professional positions require Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). MANDT training is also offered by certified trainers.  


  In 2006, Golden Triangle Community Mental Health Center got a new name. People told us it was “too many words” to say, and it was confusing because several other area businesses were called Golden Triangle. So, we shortened it to Center for Mental Health and adopted a new logo with a tree that symbolizes growth and potential.  


  The Center for Mental Health is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization supported by client fees, contracts, county contributions, corporate sponsorships and individual philanthropy. Approximately 2/3 of our clientele are Medicaid. Contracts include school districts, hospitals, pre-release, probation & parole. The Center provides over $2 million annually in unreimbursed services known as Charity Care.   With shrinking reimbursement rates and more demands for services, the CMH Foundation was established in 2001 to improve the Center’s financial capacity to serve “Beautiful Minds.”  
Mental health recovery is not only possible, it’s a fact. People can and do get better!  

Our Mission

“The Center for Mental Health partners with people and communities
to produce exceptional, integrated mental health and substance abuse services.”



Great Falls Regional Office
915 1st Ave South
P.O Box 3089
Great Falls, MT 59403


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