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Nov-Dec Employee of the Month 2018

Please congratulate Dee Pauley, LPN, at Largent in Great Falls for being voted for by the RMT as November-December 2018 Employee of the Month.

Dee was nominated by Karlee Hamilton, RN, Nursing Supervisor, here is what Karlee said about Dee:

I would like to nominate Dee Pauley for employee of the month. Dee has done an amazing job of Stepping Up and Stepping In with starting a new shot clinic at NDC. This has been a huge help to not only the clients, who no longer have to leave day treatment, but also to the Case Managers and ATA’s who save time by not having to bring the client’s over to Largent. Dee has also shown initiative by volunteering to driving to Helena once a month and doing AIMs exams for the client’s there. This is a service that would otherwise not have been met.
She goes above and beyond for clients including going to their homes to help them understand how to take their medications correctly and taking it upon herself to have motivational conversations with clients to encourage compliance in a positive and friendly manner.
She also shows how much Individual’s Matter every day to her in both her co-workers and her clients. Dee is always seen as someone who everyone is able to come to, whether it be a work-related problem or a personal issue she is always there for the person in need. She is very creative and Creates Joy in most everything she does.

Please see attached photo: Dee Pauley on the left, Karlee Hamilton on the right

April Employee of the Month 2018

Please congratulate Jara Wilkinson for being nominated and voted for April 2018 Employee of the Month.
Jara was nominated by Ida Zeak, here is what Ida said about Jara:

Since Jara started working at the group home she has made sure that all of the clients have an extra activity. She took the initiative to create an activity calendar for the clients. She encourages them to participate and includes clients from other group homes to join in the fun. She creates Joy. She Shows Up and Steps In. I think she deserves recognition for the outstanding job she has been doing.

See attached photo: left, Debbie Mecham, Group Home and Adult Foster Care Manager; right Jara Wilkinson, Group Home Worker

Aug/Sept Employee of the Month 2018

Please congratulate Candice San Miguel, Human Resources Specialist, for being voted for by the Regional Management Team as August/September Employee of the month. Candice was nominated by Doris Hernandez, HR Director, here what Doris said about Candice: Who do I think needs to be nominated as Employee of the Month? Well of course, Candice San Miguel, Human Resources Specialist! She displays the Center values on a daily basis, whether she is at a job fair trying to recruit employees or contacting our community partners for special events, she is an “Ambassador of the Center”. Whenever she is asked to learn or complete a project she “Owns It,” for example, her tireless efforts for working on the recent fund raiser with Josh Huestis was outstanding and she was a key contributor to make it happen. While working on the fund raiser, she was in the midst of our annual open enrollment which entails gathering required insurance forms from employees and processing all the changes in ADP. Along with this, she “Stepped Up and Stepped In” for another project that needed immediate attention — gathering information for an external audit. Candice worked on all these projects and ensured that her daily human resources duties were being completed with a smile, she definitely “Embraces Change.” Candice’s customer service skills are exemplary! She is dedicated and hardworking in her job duties and she volunteers on the Employee Morale Committee and Hope for Our Own Committee. She is extremely organized and focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage her routine job duties both efficiently and effectively. Candice easily develops and fosters relationships with all employees and community partners. Candice has tackled every challenge presented to her and has helped everyone around her do the same. She is motivated and positively engaged, serving as a true inspiration. She is a huge asset to the Human Resource department and is very deserving of this award and recognition. Please see attached photo. From left Doris Hernandez, HR Director, right, Candice San Miguel, HR Specialist

March Employee of the Month 2018

Please congratulate Riley Burnham, RN Helena PACT, for being nominated by Ted Julian, Lead PACT Community Resource Specialist Helena and voted for by the Regional Management Team as March Employee of the Month (photo attached. From left, Riley Burnham; right Ted Julian).

Here is what Ted said about Riley:

It is a great pleasure to nominate Riley Burnham for Employee of the Month. On January 25, 2018 Riley was called to a situation of a client having a seizure in one of the office areas of the Center for Mental Health. Without hesitation he immediately proceeded, and upon arrival immediately assessed the situation, took the lead with getting necessary support and assistance in keeping the client safe, as well as staff. During this time the situation worsened which required Riley to make critical decisions. Riley demonstrated highly admirable characteristics under great stress, of what constitutes an excellent nurse, with the highest regard for client and staff safety.
From day one of employment with the Center for Mental Health, Riley has been regarded by his peers as an exceptional role model and has earned great respect from his co-workers and clients. He is always friendly and smiling, demonstrating a positive attitude which is optimal for fostering a healthy work environment. Riley truly makes everyday a pleasure to come into work, and for that we Thank You.

May Employee of the Month 2018

Please congratulate Jillian DeAmicis-Danesi, Community Resource Coordinator, Helena for being nominated by Jennifer Preble, Licensed Program Supervisor-Outpatient Therapist ACM, Helena and voted for by the Regional Management Team for May Employee of the Month.
Here is what Jennifer said about Jillian:
Jillian consistently Shows Up and Steps In. She is well liked by her peers and clients. In the recent months, she has Embraced many Changes within her position and scope of duties. This creates working very diligently on the presenting problem, rather than a set schedule of clients, treatment plans and contacts. Jillian uses client-centered care consistently. In particular, there is one client, whom is very challenging to many employees as he is noncompliant with nearly all treatment recommendations, however is also in need of a lot of support. This supervisor observed Jillian multiple times remaining calm, consistent and assertive despite the client becoming increasingly agitated and demanding.
In many other cases, Jillian has demonstrated how Individuals Matters. In one day, she worked with a psychotic individual who had a deer leg hid under his pant leg and proceeded to show her as she is supporting him following a meeting from his federal probation officer to the Emergency Room for evaluation.
Moments after, she supported another client whom overdosed on prescribed medication and had erratic behaviors. She transitioned from one extreme situation to another while staying in contact with treatment team members and her supervisor. Jillian left that day knowing her next scheduled work day would begin with supporting an individual recently discharged from the Montanan State Hospital with severe OCD to utilize approved money to access two weeks at a hotel and basic food and clothing. In doing so, the individual continuously repeated the time and questioned every statement made. She has remained persistent with advocating for his needs over a couple of months and despite four denials to a nursing home level of care, she was able to assist with mental health stability that allowed for the individual to be accepted just this past week into an Adult Foster Care Home. Jillian is always willing to assist other programs, teams and take on more tasks when asked. Finally, Jillian is deserving of this prestigious recognition due to her continued and unwavering dedication.

Please see attached photo: from left, Jillian DeAmicis-Danesi, right Jennifer Preble

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